Traveling the World

“Traveling the world is the greatest experience one could ask for, even in poverty or sickness travel will always bring you warm and comfort, no matter how far from you home city you are KM or Miles. ” –      Paul Cwalina

I love to travel and I am only 26 years of age. However this has not stopped me from visiting 26 countries in the past 3 years. I am blessed enough to do this because of my job which is just online marketing.

Some advise I would give anyone that is planning to travel to Europe.

1. Always  check the airfare prices on ITA Matrix. I understand that this website might be owned by now but it does not even sell tickets from the website. It only gives advice on where to find the cheapest tickets.

2. if you can afford to travel Europe by train. DO IT! I was blessed enough to get a “Euro Rail Pass” back in 2014 when the cost was about $600 USD but know it is even cheaper. This might be more then you can find with super low airfare that you can find on a website like but the luxury of the highspeed train is far to non. Also with the train the views are much more scenic and you travel in much more comfort.

3. PLEASE do not rent a car. The only reason to rent a car in Europe is because you are in an undeveloped part of Europe like Greece or Malta were the bus system is just terrible or non-existant. Trust me from my experience taking the bus from Athen, Greece to Corfu, Greece on the other side of the Country. This was not a fun experience to say the least.

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